Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Just A Magic Minute

Just A Minute: 50 Years In 28 Minutes, a show I produced to celebrate 50 years of Just A Minute, is now available on BBC Radio 4's Comedy Of The Week podcast, through the BBC Radio iPlayer and also as a short animation...

A few other shows I've been working on went out over the festive period and links to all of them are in the previous blog post which, depending how you're reading this, will almost certainly appear below...

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas 2017

We Need To Talk About... - I've been working as a writer on Jolyon Rubinstein's Spotify podcast and the final episode of series 1 is available now.

Just A Minute: 50 Years In 28 Minutes - I got to produce an episode of Just A Minute - It isn't like other episodes of Just A Minute. Based on an idea by Paul Merton, this one-off to celebrate 50 years of the show goes out on Christmas Day at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4 and will also be available on the Comedy Of The Week podcast and through the BBC Radio iPlayer.

O'r Diwedd 2017: I co-wrote this look-back at the year together with Sian Harries and Tudur Owen, which will be broadcast on S4C on Boxing Day at 9pm, after which you'll be able to find it on S4C Clic / BBC iPlayer (with subtitles).

Twisted 2017: Another look back at the year, this time in english, without pictures and on BBC Radio Wales. Broadcast on 30th December, the show will feature Melangell Dolma, Vern Griffiths, a healthy dolop of the BBC archive and some fantastic contributions from stand-up Sarah Breese.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy Birthday BBC Local Radio

Last week, I was on The Now Show on BBC Radio 4, talking about 50 years of BBC Local Radio. You can catch the full thing on the Radio iPlayer/Podcast but someone working in the online team (who clearly really likes old jingles) has clipped together the best bits here...

Friday, October 27, 2017

We Need To Talk About... Tony Law

At 7.15pm on Sunday 29th October (and online for 30 days after that) you can catch a brand new sitcom pilot written by John-Luke Roberts and I for BBC Radio 4. 

Tony Law: 21st Century Adventurer stars Adjoa Andoh, Nina Wadia, Freya Parker, John-Luke Roberts, Helen Lederer and Tony himself - who, brilliantly, came dressed for the part. Gosh, I hope he realised it was for radio.

I've also been working behind the scenes on a brand new show for Spotify Premium subscribers. We Need To Talk About... is presented by Jolyon Rubinstein and features panelists from comedy, music and journalism who pick through the week's news and try not to get too down about it all. At the time of writing there are 5 episodes available, with plenty more on the way. 

Finally, Elis James' Pantheon Of Heroes was nominated for Best Entertainment Or Comedy Production at the Radio Academy's ARIAS 2017. We saw didn't win, but we got to go to Leeds for the ceremony - so here's some photos of Busted, looking like they are on the set of Tron. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Comedy Of The Week

All four episodes of Ankle Tag are now available on the BBC Radio 4 website.

Written by Benjamin Partridge and I, the show stars Elis James, Katy Wix and Steve Speirs - all three of whom you can see in the incredible iPlayer photo on the left which, after four episodes, is still being used. 

Ankle Tag is also this week's BBC Radio 4 Comedy Of The Week podcast - So download it now (or listen below if I can make the embed thing work*) to hear episode 1 - plus Elis and I being interviewed by Cariad Lloyd about the show (although they seem to have cut my bit on exactly how to disable an Ankle Tag. Probably very wise).

In other news, Series 4 of Elis James' Pantheon Of Heroes, written by Elis, Ben and myself and starring Elis, Ben and Nadia Kamil, has been nominated for a Radio Academy ARIAS award. The show isn't on iPlayer any more, save for this smidgen of it on Twitter and a couple of clips from Series 1-3 on the BBC Radio Wales website. 

(*I can't).

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Inside And Outside

Ankle Tag is a sitcom for BBC Radio 4 written by Benjamin Partridge and I and stars Elis James, Katy Wix and Steve Speirs - who you can see to the left, captured for posterity in one of my favourite cast photos of all time.

(You can find a synopsis of the show here – but I honestly think the show's title and that photo are already doing a lot of the work - so if it seems like your kind of thing, you can probably just dive straight in).

There will be four episodes going out on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm starting on the 23rd August, and each one will be available online for 30 days afterwards.

Meanwhile, for BBC Radio Wales, I’ve been out-and-about, working on a two part series about camping and glamping. The Welsh Under Canvas, produced by Leaping Wing, sees me visit Pembray, Hay-On-Wye and several other places in-between - as I try to find out exactly what it is about outdoor living that appeals to us.

If you like Sue Perkins, animals or jokes (and I find it highly unlikely that you won't be a fan of at least one of those things) then you may enjoy a new podcast written by Jon Hunter, Gabby Hutchinson Crouch and myself.

Zoopedia consists of 13 episodes of facts about animals, presented by Sue with assistance from Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Simon Kane and produced by Ed Morrish. They’re an Audible Original, so if you’re already a member you can get them all for free.

And in addition to all that, you can also catch me on Sunday afternoons on BBC Radio Wales from 4-6pm (and on BBCiPlayer Radio shortly afterwards)… But do be quick. I’ve only got a handful of shows left to go!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Lolitics is a monthly, political stand-up comedy night in Camden, London, run by the brilliant Chris Coltrane who encourages acts to come down and do brand new sets full of political material.

Now I've been to Lolitics as an audience member many times but, last month, was very excited to head there, armed with some photos of Merthyr Tydfil, and talk to a room full of people in London all about the Welsh Assembly.

Chris edits the gigs down and releases them as The Lolitics Podcast - the website for which is well worth checking out as the archive he is building up there is really quite something.

You'll find my set at the end of Episode 46 but, in addition to the podcast, Chris also pops them on YouTube - This is particularly handy for me as the visual-aids I was waving around can also be seen in the video below... Which is potentially more useful than just hearing them flap-about on the podcast. 

You can hear the set in the video below or download the podcast itself - And don't forget to check out Chris' Twitter and other projects

Also, I should say, I've had my hair cut since that photo was taken and, looking at it now, not a moment too soon