Friday, May 10, 2024

May 2024 - Gareth Gwynn Hasn't Fin-

Hey Jess, for the full show description on BBC Sounds, can we just take a few paras from the pitch doc and give them a tweak? I'll copy and paste some bits below…

Gareth Gwynn presents an exploration into all things uncompleted.  Books, films, TV shows, songs, albums, sonatas, painting, technologies, business plans, building projects - anything where the creator has (through their own choice or not) jacked the whole thing in. CHECK WE STILL DO A BUILDING IN THE FINISHED EDIT

They say “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – but by Gareth’s maths, that leaves 2,111,199 steps which could be your last – and those are the ones he’s interested in. I THINK IM GOING TO USE THE STEPS THING IN THE SHOW SO REPLACE??

This show (which, it will become apparent, is far from finished itself - ARE WE STILL DOING THIS? SOUNDS SHIT WHEN YOU READ IT LIKE THAT) is an attempt to look failure in the eye - and discover exactly what’s going on when someone calls it quits. Each of the programme’s five (THREE ? IS IT THREE NOW?) sections explores a different reason or motivation for a creative work being unfinished - from the DELETE THIS. SAY WHAT'S IN IT. SMILE, LORRAINE HANSBERRY, JERRY LEWIS, KEITH HARING ,ROBIN OF SHERWOOD ETC- AND WE INTERVIEW ANGELA BARNES, JAE BRODERICK KIRSTIN WONG, JASON HAZELEY, BARNABY EATON-JONES, CHRIS KENDALL ETCETC

We'll find out what having a lumpen, half-finished piece of work on a CV really means for an artist - and for their audience. Do those fans chomping at the bit for some long lost album really want to hear it? Is sub-par than nothing? And, for the artist, what does it take to walk-away? What does it do to the creator’s mind to leave it there? What’s the psychological toil of an unfinished project on your next artistic adventure?


(So, I got told I wasn't allowed to use the above as the official write-up on the BBC webpage so it has ended up here. Same goes for the image at the top, which was turned down for all sorts of reasons! You can head to the BBC page to see what we did get away with).

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