Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hello and thanks for visiting

Hello. Thanks for visiting

Does it look too corporate?

We ought to explain. We've put this page online long before it deserves to be. My hand was forced into getting after idly browsing the internet one evening and finding that had been taken. This really shouldn't have been a surprise. I fight for google supremacy with a footballer and a film-maker, and they are equally entitled to a domain name. Fair play to them for getting there first!

Anyway, in retaliation, I got hold of It was then my thoughts turned to what I should put there. Should I just re-direct to a myspace site? Not when one of Bath University's premier web-designers Tom Natt volunteered his web-designing servies for free!

So I "designed" the site on the back of a flyer after a gig in Cardiff, which Tom faithfully reproduced using state-of-the-art internet technology. The strange thing is, what looked fun and charming on the smudged back of a flyer in a dimly-lit stand-up venue looks weird and corporate when rendered in xmms, css and html (I think I've got those right) (he hasn't - Tom).

So rather than bat half-formed ideas back and forth ("Should we make it blue?" etc.), we decided to hell with it, we'll stick it up as it is and wait for the feedback to pour in. Let us know what you think. Although don't suggest colouring it blue. We've tried that.

Also, try checking out some of the links. Primarily to see if they work, and then to see if we've uploaded any cool stuff. Don't be too harsh on us if there isn't anything there, mind. We're still getting going on this.