Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October/November 2020 - Available Now (Or Soon)

The Sink: A Sleep Aid is a brand new comedy-horror sketch-show by Natasha Hodgson. It's all about dreams, nightmares and that time a bird man came to your school. I was lucky enough to work as script editor on the show, which is being released weekly on BBC Sounds. At the time of writing it's quite bright outside which doesn't seem right at all, so save it for an evening or maybe just listen while hiding under a duvet.

Felicity Ward: Appisodes is returning to BBC Radio 4, with another four mobile phone apps being put under the microscope. I acted as script editor here too and it's the reason I walked around with a Stop Smoking app on my phone for a week, despite the fact I don't smoke - But I did absolutely smash the targets one-by-one. Series 2 is being edited right now and will be broadcast in November - but in the meantime, you can listen to series 1 on BBC Sounds right now.

And I am currently putting together a brand-new show for BBC Radio Wales with the brilliant Rosemary Baker all about the very concept of independence. I've already spoken to some fascinating people about Hay-On-Wye in Wales, Uzupis in Lithuania as well as people who did/would campaign on the "Yes" and "No" sides of national independence campaigns. It doesn't even have a BBC webpage yet but it will and, unless I act fast, an embarrassing photo to accompany it too.

And as well as all those, these shows are all still available online too: