Sunday, November 16, 2008

Listen Against 2 (And other things too...)

Sorry this hasn't been updated in a while. Having said that, I read something recently which estimated there are 112.8 million blogs on the internet, so I doubt you've been struggling for something to read...

Here's what's going on:

Listen Against Series 2

Well, I've just heard some proper trails for this on Radio 4, so it must be happening! The second series of Jon Holmes' Listen Against starts this Tuesday (18th November) at 6.30pm. Just like last year, I've contributed sketches, ideas and all manner of strange noises to this show, staying up well past my bedtime to slice up audio of Robert Peston, John Humphrys, Jenni Murray, Steve Wright and countless others. A lot of it leaves my email inbox and I don't hear it until it's going out on the actual Radio 4, so I'll be hearing it for the first time too! How exciting.

Jest A Minute

Right now, I'm editing down 6 episodes of this BBC Radio Wales panel game, chaired by Rhod Gilbert with team captains Chris Corcoran and Lloyd Langford and panellists including Elis James (who now has a rather splendid blog. Read it!), Jon Richardson, Lucy Porter, Milton Jones, Greg Davies and Eggsy from GLC (who is still doing those Rhys and Eggsy podcasts which you can find here) and loads more. It should be going out in early December.

Roop and Tom

I've also been busy working on some bits and bobs with former XFM South Wales Breakfast Show presenters Roop and Tom, which should be hitting an airwave sometime soon. In the meantime, they're now presenting the Breakfast Show on GWR Bath, so listen to that if you're in Bath, or on the internet before 10am in the morning. Oh, and listen their Beyonce parody on youtube...