Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Passing On

Passing On, a brand new sitcom I've written starring Keiron Self, Richard Elis, Melangell Dolma, Felicity Montagu, Katy Wix, Simon Armstrong, Gareth Milton and produced by Benjamin Partridge for Zipline Creative, starts this Friday on BBC Radio Wales.

Now I could tell you all about it, but I've already done that for the Western Mail in an article which you can find here that explains exactly where the idea came from and how much is based in real life (Quick answer: More than I'd like to admit). 

Plus the guys at Zipline Creative have also prepared a couple of behind the scenes videos in which we all seem to be having a jolly good time.

The first episode of Passing On will be broadcast on BBC Radio Wales on Friday at 6.30pm. It'll be repeated on Saturday at 1pm and then, assuming that iPlayer stays upright, will be available to listen to online via the BBC Radio Wales website.

While you're on the BBC Radio Wales website, you'll also be able to listen back to the most recent edition of my Saturday Afternoon Show which I've presenting with Nadia Kamil and Sian Harries  (and its lo-fi Sunday morning equivalent which I do on my own). Among our features is the Six Degrees Of Separation experiment, in which we see just how far we can get by asking our guests on the show to recommended who we speak to the following week.

We started with ice-cream-van lady Zoe Yearsley who nominated florist Louise Latham. She put us in touch with singer Mark Llewellyn Evans who led us to Birds Of A Feather star Linda Robson, all of whom have been fantastic. Next week we're speaking to Lesley Joseph. I think we're doing very well indeed, but I don't think we're one step away from Nadia Kamil's desired ending point, Vladimir Putin.

Aside from that, I've also been busy working on The News Quiz and the XFM Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes. If you're not up in time for a breakfast show, I'd usually point you towards the podcast or the Soundcloud below, but this week Jon and the team are hosting a 12 hour breakfast show, starting at 10pm on Thursday 24th July, and running until 10am the following morning. As if breakfast radio isn't tiring enough...