Friday, February 27, 2009

My job does exist, doesn't it?

Only the second post of the year, but that's because, to date, 2009 has been largely characterised by me working increasingly unsociable hours at BBC Radio Wales and spending my days wandering around towns pretending to be a pensioner. Not really blogging material.

However, this week I discovered that I am to receive the BBC Radio Entertainment Writers’ Bursary for 2009. This is tremendously exciting stuff. It means I get to work across all sorts of BBC Radio 4 programmes that my grandparents have heard of (The News Quiz, The Now Show etc.) as well as new stuff too!

I tried to find something I could link to for this post. I've been searching for some kind of online explanation of what the role entails. I couldn't find anything, but knowing that one of the previous recipients of the bursary was Richard Herring, I headed to the "History" section of his website in the hope of finding a witty explanation of the job (And thereby save me writing one... I am clearly saving up the funnies for when I start).

It appears he does mention the bursary, but only in the context of it not happening any more (See the bottom of this page).

I do hope he's wrong... I've sorted out a flat now, and everything...