Monday, June 16, 2008


First of all, thanks for all the messages of support/concern following the demise of XFM South Wales. If you don't know what's going on, or have spent the last fortnight prodding your radio wondering where we've all gone, check out this article from the Western Mail, which should bring you up to speed.

Although we never really got a chance to do a "last show", the final Roop and Tom Show was a suitably exciting affair... We had One Night Only in doing a session, and Tom managed to win "Charity Shop Challenge" by flogging the Jason Donovan Board Game for a whopping six pounds fifty on eBay. Thanks to everyone who bid on our assortment of tat (or sent bizarre and obscene questions to my eBay account) and indeed to anyone who got involved over XFM South Wales' roller coaster 6 months and 1 day.

Not only has XFM South Wales disappeared, but the old XFM South Wales website has gone too, so there could be a few broken links on the site/blog for a bit... One thing I was pleased to find was that it's still possible to get hold of some of the XFM Podcasts. You can find the best bits of the Roop and Tom Breakfast Show here and once you've got your face around that, only a fool would not move straight on to the podcasts of (the Arqiva nominated!) Rhys and Eggsy. Catch 'em while you can.

As for me, I'll let you know what I'm doing next once I'm doing it...