Friday, September 25, 2009

Boo Hoo 7 and 8

Well, after a little break, myself and John Luke Roberts are back with the topical comedy podcast, "Boo Hoo - It's The News".

We're two episodes into the new batch, but if you want to relive the MP expenses scandal and the police getting a bit handy, episodes 1-6 are still available from the show website and iTunes. There's also a Facebook group so you can stay abreast of our rather erratic release schedule.

Also, I notice than in my last update I mentioned Newsjack as a great opportunity for new writers. Newsjack has finished now, but this seems a good opportunity to mention another open door show I'll be working for later in the year - Recorded For Training Purposes Series 4. Deadline for submissions is Oct 2nd. Check out the details on the BBC writersroom website.