Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Greatest Ever Faker

I've just finished work on a brand-new documentary for BBC Radio 4, written and presented by myself and produced by Michael Surcombe.

The Greatest Ever Faker is all about Iolo Morganwg - Iolo was a 18th century writer, poet and literary forger (and a good one, too). 

In the programme we cover Iolo's forgeries and the whole sticky world of making-stuff-up as we speak to poets, historians, broadcasters, a convicted art forger and someone who writes biopics for BBC Four. It also has the greatest iPlayer photo of all time (featuring me and Joseph Rosenblum). 

The show is transmitted on Monday 7th March at 4pm on BBC Radio 4 and will be on iPlayer forever. So, y'know, plenty of time to catch up.  

The fact BBC Radio 4 documentaries stay up indefinitely is handy if you enjoy this and want to catch the other two shows I've made for the station: Gareth Gwynn's Little Book Of Welsh Independence and Gareth Gwynn's Little Book Of Welsh Rock

Also being broadcast this week is a television show I had a small hand in - Jonathan's Six Nations Quiz is on BBC One Wales at 9pm on Wednesday 9th March. 

And while I'm doing this update, there are actually quite a few things I've worked on on iPlayer (or similar) right now:

The Now Show - I wrote on the first episode of the new series.
Bull - All three episodes of the GOLD sitcom which I co-wrote with John-Luke Roberts are available on NOW TV. Click on it and just look who is in the cast. It's crazy. 
Ankle Tag - Co-written with Benjamin Partridge and starring Elis James, Katy Wix and Phillip Fox - This was a one-off for BBC Radio 2, but which has just been repeated on BBC Radio Wales, so it's back online. Join-in with the hashtag #hotpig.  

And my regular BBC Radio Wales show is on Sundays at 4-6pm, with the most recent episodes available to listen to on BBC iPlayer Radio. This Sunday (6th March) I'll be speaking to actor, stand-up comedian and News Quiz host Miles Jupp. Because that's what Mother's Day is all about.