Friday, July 1, 2016

Brexit and Bangor

So the week before the EU Referendum, I was one of the writers for BBC Radio 4's one-off Vote Now Show: EU And Yours - It's still available on the BBC Radio iPlayer and as the BBC's Comedy Of The Week podcast although, because I've been a bit slow to update this blog, I'm now pointing to something which may as well be part of Radio 4's Archive Hour. 

The following week, I traveled to North Wales and did my regular Sunday afternoon show from the BBC's Bangor studios - While there I took the opportunity to walk up Snowdon and enjoy the excellent views...

Snowdon, there.

I'm back on Radio Wales this weekend, from 4pm on Sunday for my regular show and also joining Lloyd Langford from 11am on Saturday morning, as we stand-in for Rhod Gilbert.