Monday, June 13, 2022

June 2022

Beena And Amrit - After last year's pilot, a full series of Beena and Amrit has just begun on BBC Radio Wales. I worked as script editor on the series, which has been brilliantly written by Priya Hall, Sarah Breese and Pravanya Pillay and stars Priya and Shobna Gulati. I'm typing this just as episode 1 appears on BBC Sounds, and it'll be joined by four more over the next month.

Only Seeing Is Believing - It is 30 years since The Garden Festival of Wales took place in Ebbw Vale. Being nine years old at the time, I was quite keen on the toboggan ride, sky shuttle and robotic dragons but didn't quite grasp the socio-economic conditions which brought the final UK garden festival to Blaenau Gwent in the first place - or what it was there to do. This show is a belated attempt to work all that out as I speak to historians, politicians and those who worked on the site itself - as well as accidentally uncovering a Blue Peter competition scandal along the way. The show is still available on the BBC Radio Wales bit of BBC Sounds - but be quick - there's only about a week left!