Monday, March 29, 2021

March 2021 - Welcome Strangers Series 2

Welcome Strangers Series 2 is a sketch show currently being broadcast on Monday nights on BBC Radio Wales (and so is available on BBC Sounds) - featuring Mali Ann Rees, Laura Dalgelish, Beth Granville, Kath Hughes, Sian Harries, Ruth Madoc and no audience. 

I wrote some sketches and also acted as script editor for the series, which was produced by Sarah Breese and features a fantastic team of writers (all named on the individual episodes' webpages). It was recorded in lockdown conditions so, unlike series 1, does not have an audience - but I'm sure you're thoroughly used to that now. If anything, it means you can hear sound effects like a goose in a nightclub, a seafood platter being fed through a helicopter's blades and an ancient cryptid devouring an ice cream van, even more clearly.