Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twitter Taglines

If you're viewing this blog via my webpage, you'll notice that along the top of the page, just underneath the big "", there's a tag-line.

When we set this website up, Tom Natt suggested we open a Twitter account and use the feed from that to update the tag-line. This was great it was simple to update and no-one really looked at the Twitter feed itself, which just sat as a list of things I had worked on with dead iPlayer links.

However, as people began to use Twitter properly, I started to join in too. This means that in the last few weeks, has displayed messages detailing where to find a 1p breakfast, how I fixed my malfunctioning toilet cistern and my shock at seeing a small child doing a little poo in a potty in a crowded family pub.

Do y'know what, I'm in two minds about even posting this now. I think I prefer the thought of visitors seeing the tag-line "I've just seen a child 'do potty' in a pub" and thinking that was my catchphrase.

It might still be. It certainly has potential

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