Friday, November 29, 2013

BBC Radio 1 - Phil and Alice's Comedy Night

I spent Monday last night in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge trying to look cool and resist the urge to take a "selfie" whilst working with Arnab Chanda and the team behind the excellent Phil and Alice show on the show's brand new weekly comedy night. Guests for week 1 were Carl Donnelly and Tom Rosenthal who were both great (as you can see below).


Those are just the sets but for the interviews, head-to-head bits, Q&As and messing around, you can listen back to all the audio on the Radio 1 website for a few more days.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Here Be Dragons

The sketch show Here Be Dragons has started going out on BBC Radio Wales on Fridays at 6.30pm - As you'd expect, you'll find the latest episode on the Radio Wales website (where you'll also find my most recent Sunday morning show).

And on the subject of sketch shows, tickets are now available for the third series of Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes, which will be recording in Cardiff throughout November.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Now Show

This week I stood in for Jon Holmes on The Now Show. The show is currently on iPlayer and should be available as a podcast any moment now.

Elsewhere on the BBC website you can find my regular BBC Radio Wales Sunday morning show and you can also catch-up with the first series of Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes, which is currently being repeated on the excellent BBC Radio 4Extra.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here Be Dragons

One of the shows I am currently working on is a brand new sketch show for BBC Radio Wales called "Here Be Dragons". Tickets are now available, but rather than do the hard-sell, here's the bumph prepared by producer Ben Walker (and pinched from the event's Facebook page).

"HERE BE DRAGONS is a brand new sketch show starring a 'Team Wales' of comedy: Cariad Lloyd, Elis James, Lloyd Langford and Nadia Kamil. Writing alongside them are Benjamin Partridge, Gareth Gwynn and Sian Harries.

We're doing three recordings for BBC Radio on Tuesday 1st, Monday 14th and Monday 21st October 2013 at Up The Creek comedy club in Greenwich

If you'd like to come along (please do!), tickets are free but need to be applied for in advance from SRO Audiences. Visit their website here:, go to 'Current Shows' and you'll find the show there.

HERE BE DRAGONS is upbeat and silly, full of vivid characters and skewed situations. You can expect overzealous cleaners, competitive zookeepers, sugar-obsessed multimillionaires and a tale of cut-throat rivalry on the Snowden Mountain Railway"

Thanks Ben.

And while we're here, I may as well mention some other things I'm up to: 

Benjamin Partridge and I stood in for Rhod Gilbert on Saturday morning. The whole show is currently on the BBC Radio Wales website and will stay there until Saturday. If you're too late, don't worry, there's almost always an edition of my Sunday Morning Show to listen to.

Series 1 of the BBC Radio Wales sketch show Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra starting next Tuesday at 11pm. We're currently writing Series 3 (no link to that yet) which will return to BBC Radio Wales at the end of the year.

I'm also writing on next week's edition of The Now Show and am always throwing things at Jon Holmes for him to say on the XFM Breakfast Show. So, y'know, keeping busy.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's Just Not Cricket

Nadia Kamil and I stood in for Rhod Gilbert on Saturday morning and not only is the whole show now available on the BBC Radio Wales website, there are also these nifty bitesize chunks, carefully prepared by Producer Dylan.

And while we're in the business of linking to BBC Radio Wales shows, I should mention that just a few hours later I found myself back in the building (this time on my own) for the usual Sunday morning show.

I'll be in for Rhod again next week, this time joined by Wales' premier Jeff Goldblum impersonator Benjamin Partridge.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Update

An update so jam packed, I'm doing it in sections.

BBC Radio Wales
With Rhod Gilbert on BBC Radio 2 this weekend, Nadia Kamil and I looked after his Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Wales.

For rights reasons we weren't allowed to talk about the Lions match, but that was fine, as we had plenty on the go including a brand new String Of Brapp Brapp Big Ones, the obligatory BBC Glastonbury coverage and a sincere apology from me for pretending it was Christmas. 

The whole thing is still available on the Radio Wales website. 

As is my regular Sunday morning show.

XFM Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes
On the subject of radio, I'm still contributing bits and bobs to the XFM Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes on a daily basis.

You can listen to the show from 6am every weekday morning on 104.9FM in London, on DAB, on Sky and Virgin Media, through the XFM app, online or you can get hold of the best-bits by downloading the weekly podcast. 

The Committee Meeting
Anyone who has visited this website over the last year or so will have seen me plugging 
Social Club FMa BBC Radio Wales sitcom which I co-wrote based on Elis James and Chris Corcoran's Committee Meeting live show.

Elis and Chris have now turned the live show into a cracking pilot for BBC Three featuring Vern Griffiths, Nadia Kamil, Mike Wozniak and Colin Baker.

The Committee Meeting is currently online and really is well worth a watch.

I'm not able to embed it all, you'll have to follow that link - But I am allowed to embed the following clip of Mr Chairman and Steve News.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AM vs. FM

While everyone else was watching Arrested Development, I spent the Bank Holiday weekend on BBC Radio Wales. In fact, I was on...

And presenting the regular Sunday morning show too

Because it was a bank holiday weekend we got away with absolutely loads - From pretending it was 2052 to letting Ben read the Travel News. Incredibly, we were also allowed to play with the transmitter switches and broadcast different versions of a sketch on AM and FM.

Now, if you caught it live, chances are you only heard one version, but BBC Radio Wales have kindly put the two different versions online. So this is my attempt at covering the BBC's religious affairs show All Things Considered on FM...

While this is what went out at the same time on AM...

I hope I've got them the right way round. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

BBC Radio Wales - Saturday Afternoons

Nadia Kamil and I have begun a short stint on BBC Radio Wales, presenting a jam-packed Saturday afternoon show. The first one was last week  so we've got two more to go. You'll find them on the BBC Radio Wales website for a week after they are broadcast.

In fact, this link should take you to the most recent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning shows.

And then when you've done that, why not check out the most recent episode of Social Club FM.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Update

Social Club FM
Chris Corcoran and Elis James

Over the last couple of months, I've been busy co-writing the second series of Social Club FM, which started on Friday at 6.30pm on BBC Radio Wales. 

That's the slot where you'll find it for five more weeks and each episode will also be available on iPlayer, so there's no excuse not to catch it. 

(Typing this, I've just realized that this week, SCFM will clash with an episode of The News Quiz I will have written on - But that's exactly what Podcasts are for). 

Saturday AND Sunday Shows - BBC Radio Wales
I'm still presenting the Sunday Morning Show on BBC Radio Wales so there's almost always an edition on iPlayer... And even if there isn't, there are clips here (Which I promise we'll get round to updating soon!)  

With the summer approaching, and considerably less sport on the radio, I'll also be doing three Saturday afternoon shows for the station starting on 11th May... I believe I'll be on from 4 till 6.30pm, meaning I go into the repeat of Social Club FM, so I'll probably treat it as a two-and-a-half-hour build-up to that.

XFM Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes
I continue to write jokes, silly news stories and prepare the occasional cut-up for Jon Holmes' breakfast show on XFM London

You can listen to the show from 6am every weekday morning on 104.9FM in London, on DAB, on Sky and Virgin Media, through the XFM app, online and no doubt through a myriad of ways I've forgotten. 

And if you miss it, you can always download the weekly podcast

Thursday, February 14, 2013

(A late) January 2013 Update

In January, Jon Holmes started his tenure as host of London's XFM Breakfast Show. Behind the scenes, I've been flinging bits and bobs his way to help him keep him going for four hours a day. You can hear the show on 104.9FM in London, on the XFM website or download the best-bits podcast every week. 

Aside from that, we're currently in the thick of writing a second series of Social Club FM, which will appear on BBC Radio Wales soon... And, as always, you can catch my latest stab at BBC Radio Wales' Sunday morning show (plus clips from previous shows) on the Radio Wales website.