Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 2012 Update

It's been a while since I've updated this website, but it looks like it's going to be a busy start to 2012, so it made sense to put some links to the shows I'll be working on over the next few months.

Pantheon Of Heroes

This Friday (and indeed, the five Fridays that follow it) at 7pm on BBC Radio Wales, you'll be able to hear "Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes" - A brand new series starring Elis, Benjamin Partridge and Nadia Kamil and written by Elis, Ben and I. As well as the episodes appearing on iPlayer, there are also going to be some online extras too, where you'll be able to see me talking about Welsh adventurer Perce Blackborow.

Social Club FM

Last summer, I produced a pilot for BBC Radio Wales written by and starring Chris Corcoran and Elis James called "Social Club FM". I'm pleased to say it's got a full series, and this time round, I'll actually be helping out with the writing of the episodes. The series starts on the 24th February with a repeat of the pilot, and there will be four more episodes after that. If you think the writing tails off and the production quality improves, I can only apologise.


I'll be script editing two episodes of the sixth series of Newsjack for BBC Radio 4 Extra. The series starts on 23rd February. As always, you can submit material to but please check out the writer's guide first.

On the subject of writing opportunities, I've been doing some bits and bobs for the BBC College of Production. There’s an interview with me as part of the "I didn't get where I am today" series and I also took part in the podcast on writing Comedy and Drama. Later in the month there will also be another podcast on sketch writing featuring John-Luke Roberts.

Early Morning Sunday Show

I'm still presenting my Sunday morning show on BBC Radio Wales, which you can listen to on the BBC Radio Wales website.

In fact, this Sunday, being the Sunday closest to "Blue Monday", we’ll be doing our best to counteract the influence of the so-called "most depressing day of the year" by playing nothing but summer records. So if you've got any ideas, drop me an email to or get in touch with me on twitter.