Monday, September 17, 2012

Quality Items!

Last week, Benjamin Partridge and I stood-in for Rhod Gilbert on BBC Radio Wales.

The whole show is currently available to listen to on the station's website, and there is also a Best Bits podcast available to download too.

If you heard the show, and in particular the second hour, then you have probably been trying to imagine all of the incredible items which Ben and I purchased from charity shops during the week, and then attempted to sell online (with varying degrees of success).

Well, you'll be thrilled to know you can rest those imagination-muscles for a bit, as I thought I would upload the photos of the objects here.

These are the actual ones we put on the auction site too... I keep saying "auction site". I'm not on-air any more. I can say "eBay", if I want. eBay. We put them on eBay.


If none of this makes any sense, then for the full context, do have a listen back to last Saturday's Rhod Gilbert ShowThat'll be online until Saturday 22nd September, although the Best Bits Podcast should be up there for a good deal longer.

I actually stood in for Rhod for three weeks in total, and the podcasts for all the shows are still available to download:

And while you're on the BBC Radio Wales website, do check another show I've been working on recently - The fourth series of Chris Corcoran's school-based sitcom Those That Can't.