Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Leak With Tom Price

On Friday night, I was a guest on the brand new BBC Radio Wales topical show The Leak with Tom Price.

The show was recorded in front of a studio audience on the Thursday night and because we were recording before the Scottish Referendum polls closed, we did two versions of the opening 10mins, one for a No, one for a Yes.

Obviously, the No version which went out on-air, and is now available on the Radio Wales website and The Leak Podcast, however the 9 minutes which would have been consigned to the cutting-room floor has found its way onto the BBC Radio Wales Website, as a little online extra.

(Afterwards, in the bar, someone came up to me to say they'd enjoyed the show but were very, very distressed at the fact Scotland had decided to leave the Union. She couldn't believe it had actually happened and that it was all over for the United Kingdom. Turns out she'd turned up late and only caught "Version 2" of the show. Although I put her straight on what had happened, this had still left enough time for her to text her mum, friends and put this historic false-result it on Twitter).

Talking of BBC Radio Wales, after a short break, I'm back on the early-shift on Sunday mornings, the most recent edition of which can be found here together with clips and best-bits - And on the subject of early-morning radio, I'll be continuing to throw comedic-logs onto the fire that is the XFM Breakfast Show with Jon Holmes which has a podcast and, seemingly, bits and bobs spread across two Soundclouds.