Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rupert Bull After Dinner Speaking

As mentioned in episode 2 of Bull: Rupert Bull's Website.

The show is on Wednesdays at 10pm on GOLD and on SkyGo, Now TV and places like that afterwards.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bull - Wednesday Nights On GOLD (And Saturdays) (And Tuesdays too)

Tonight sees the first episode of Bull go out - A brand new sitcom written by me and John-Luke Roberts starring Robert Lindsay, Maureen Lipman, Naz Osmanoglu and Claudia Jessie - With episode one featuring Matt Lucas and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

You'll find it on GOLD (Sky:110 / Virgin:126 / BT:310) every Wednesday at 10pm for the next 3 weeks. 

If you miss it, it's repeated on Saturdays (10.20pm), Tuesdays (7.20pm) and will also be available on Sky Go.

For more details on the show, do check out the John Stanley Productions website, there's a lovely write-up here by Bruce Dessau, and I've done an interview and written a few words about the show for the Western Mail - concentrating on the props.

Because if you can't do that for a show based in an antique shop, when can you do it?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ankle Tag - Tickets Available! (And more Bull)

Tickets are now available for Ankle Tag - a new sitcom for BBC Radio 2 I have written with Benjamin Partridge and which stars Elis James and Katy Wix.

Details on the show, and how you can be in the audience on the 17th October, are all available from the BBC Tours And Shows website. 

And while we're on the subject of sitcoms, as the 21st October approaches, there are more and more bits from Bull appearing online. Bull is a brand new sitcom for GOLD written by John-Luke Roberts and I and starring Robert Lindsay, Maureen Lipman, Naz Osmanoglu and Claudia Jessie - some of whom you can see in the clip below.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Coming Soon: Bull

Well, there it is! The first trail for Bull, a new sitcom for GOLD written by John-Luke Roberts and I and starring Robert Lindsay, Maureen Lipman, Naz Osmanoglu, Claudia Jessie plus a whole host of guest stars (some of whom I think we are going to try to keep secret - although you can spot Matt Lucas in the trail above). It starts on October 21st and runs for three weeks.

And while you're waiting for that to hit your screens, you'll be pleased to know I've finally updated the "Podcasts and Videos" section of this website, where you'll now find links to the documentaries I've made for BBC Radio 4, my appearances on The Now Show, some bits and bobs from my BBC Radio Wales show and lots of other things that may or may not quite fit the description of "Podcast" or "Video".