Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Inside And Outside

Ankle Tag is a sitcom for BBC Radio 4 written by Benjamin Partridge and I and stars Elis James, Katy Wix and Steve Speirs - who you can see to the left, captured for posterity in one of my favourite cast photos of all time.

(You can find a synopsis of the show here – but I honestly think the show's title and that photo are already doing a lot of the work - so if it seems like your kind of thing, you can probably just dive straight in).

There will be four episodes going out on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm starting on the 23rd August, and each one will be available online for 30 days afterwards.

Meanwhile, for BBC Radio Wales, I’ve been out-and-about, working on a two part series about camping and glamping. The Welsh Under Canvas, produced by Leaping Wing, sees me visit Pembray, Hay-On-Wye and several other places in-between - as I try to find out exactly what it is about outdoor living that appeals to us.

If you like Sue Perkins, animals or jokes (and I find it highly unlikely that you won't be a fan of at least one of those things) then you may enjoy a new podcast written by Jon Hunter, Gabby Hutchinson Crouch and myself.

Zoopedia consists of 13 episodes of facts about animals, presented by Sue with assistance from Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Simon Kane and produced by Ed Morrish. They’re an Audible Original, so if you’re already a member you can get them all for free.

And in addition to all that, you can also catch me on Sunday afternoons on BBC Radio Wales from 4-6pm (and on BBCiPlayer Radio shortly afterwards)… But do be quick. I’ve only got a handful of shows left to go!