Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tilt, Flu, Cheese Grating and more...

I've been slow to update this. I would be able to forgive myself if there wasn't much going on, but we're already half-way through a series I'm involved with so this post is, at best, three weeks late.

Tilt: I've been writing and slicing up audio for this brand new 6-part topical comedy show on BBC7 (Thursday evenings: 11.30pm). At the time of writing, we're somewhere between episodes 3 and 4, but you'll always be able to catch the latest episode if you head to the BBC7 website, and use the the listen again facility.

For more information, do check out the Tilt Homepage. There's even a little bit written by me right at the bottom, where I make the most of the fact I've been given the chance to promote the show, by whinging about the fact I have flu.

XFM South Wales: Don't forget to tune in to the Roop and Tom Breakfast Show, every weekday morning from 6am - 10am on XFM South Wales, where I continue to play the part of "Producer Gareth". Over the last couple of weeks, we've been putting together some podcasts, which you can download from the XFM South Wales Website or via iTunes. Also, if you haven't visited it yet, do check out some of the bits and bobs on the show homepage too, including the human wheelbarrow montage, and a video of me grating a large block of cheese.

On a slightly more technical note, the more observant of you (i.e. the ones who visit websites, right click and hit "view page source"), will notice that despite retaining the bare and stripped down look you've no doubt come to know and tolerate, this website has actually had something of an overhaul. While it's nothing you can see with the naked eye, the whole thing should now be a good deal easier to update, and the little tagline on the top right should keep you informed of my actions with what will hopefully be an almost sinister level of accuracy.

Plus, now we've done all those "back-end" bits we've been meaning to do for ages, we can get on with coming up with something exciting for the "Audio" section on the left hand side. I mention it here because I will then feel obliged to follow it up at some point.

So let's hit "Go" and see if this really is as easy to update as Tom said it would be...

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