Sunday, January 4, 2009

URB on 6Music

Oooh, here's an excitement! Steve Lamacq is doing a regular feature on student radio stations as part of his BBC 6 Music show. He kicked off with 1449AM URB (the place I tended to hide when I should have been doing problem sheets, coursework or socialising during my time at the University of Bath).

I am particularly pleased by the URB representative's answer to the question, "So has anyone famous ever come from the station?". Whilst she was unable to recall my name (frankly, I don't particularly blame her), I am impressed that "a man who used to work for XFM" sprung to mind, rather than the current Magic breakfast show presenter, former Capital Radio DJ and fellow URB alumni, Dr Neil Fox.

The whole thing is on iPlayer (Spin to the end of Friday's show... It's the last ten minutes). I'm certainly going to be listening to the subsequent interviews in the hope that the students involved begin a game of desperate one-upmanship, to prove themselves superior to the station that has occupied the slot before them. I can't help feeling that by half-remembering myself as the best example of a former DJ, 1449AM URB has underplayed their hand, somewhat.

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