Friday, December 14, 2012

Pantheon Of Heroes - Series 2!

Series 2 of Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes has started going out on BBC Radio Wales on Fridays at 6.30pm.

It's a comedy show about Welsh history written by Elis, Ben Partridge and myself, starring Elis, Ben and Nadia Kamil.

If you click on that first link at the time of posting, then you'll find the episode The Welsh Abroad. At 6.30pm tomorrow the episode about Culture will be added to the pile. There are six of them in total, but keep an eye out for Episode 3 - All about Myths, and featuring a sterling contribution from musician Rhodri Viney. That one goes out on 21st December - so something to enjoy in the festive traffic.

And after you've listened to Pantheon of Heroes, you can listen to my Sunday Morning Show without even leaving the BBC Radio Wales website.

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