Thursday, January 13, 2022

January 2022 - Panic Room

Panic Room is a brand new podcast, exclusively on Audible, in which Eshaan Akbar and Olga Koch attempt to find solutions to some of John Robins' biggest concerns. From running out of grave space to lowering the divorce rate, the team speak to experts and conduct their own experiments in an attempt to put John's mind at rest. I worked behind the scenes on the show but, most importantly, I was not the person who made the experimental mashed potato in the diet episode - so that bit isn't my fault.

O'r Diwedd 2021 - Our almost* annual sketch show which looks back at the year is now available on S4C Clic/BBC iPlayer till the end of the month. It's in Welsh, but both services provide English subtitles if you need them. I do and I'm in it.

(*We skipped 2020. Can you blame us?)

Harry Secombe: Unsung Comedian - Also available until the end of January is this documentary, first broadcast on BBC Radio Wales in September, to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir Harry Secombe. Controversially, we ignore Sir Harry's not-insignificant singing career and instead concentrate solely on his comedic legacy - So give it a listen and decide if his legendary shaving act works on the radio. 

The Xennial Dome - Esyllt Sears and I released two special editions of the podcast over the Christmas break which, like all our episodes, will be of interest to anyone born between 1977 and 1985. First-up was a format-busting interview with the non-Xennial stars of 1990s kids television, Trevor and Simon - And we followed that up with our Christmas Leftovers podcast, containing bits and bobs we could find a home for in series 1. The whole run is currently available online wherever you get your podcasts and you can get in touch with the show on Twitter, Instagram and MySpace.

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