Saturday, August 6, 2022

August 2022

Here's a quick dash through everything I've been working on which comes out in August.  

Welcome Strangers returns to BBC Radio Wales (and therefore BBC Sounds) for a fourth series at 6.30pm on Monday 8th August. Once again I wrote some sketches and also acted as script editor for the show which stars Mali Ann Rees, Laura Dalgleish, Beth Granville, Eleri Morgan, Kath Hughes, Sarah Breese and Ruth Madoc.
Wittgenstein: From Austria To Abertawe - Also on BBC Radio Wales,
this documentary will look at the time the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein spent in Swansea - a city he seemed to be rather fond of. I present the show, which was researched and devised by Dr. Alan Sandry and produced by Nigel Crowle. It will be broadcast at 6.30pm on 16th August and be available on BBC Sounds shortly afterwards.

is Rosie Holt's podcast in which Harriet Langley-Swindon presents a round-up of her very-real daily radio show. I appear in episode 9 as journalist Tim Dolton, talking Harriet and producer Martin through the increasingly dizzying number of Labour factions. As you'd expect, it's available wherever you get your podcasts, and at the end of this

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