Saturday, July 29, 2023

August 2023 - Newsmakers, Clonc and Little Dome

The Newsmakers is a brand new topical show for BBC Radio 4 starring Rachel Parris (whose behind the scenes photos I have pinched from her Twitter account), featuring Bilal Zafar, Nim Odedra, Sam Pamphilon, Michael Spicer and Rosie Holt and produced by Ed Morrish. I was on the writing team for the show which has kicked off a summer of pilots on BBC Radio 4 and is now available on BBC Sounds

Radio Clonc - Mae Radio Clonc Cyfres 2 ar BBC Sounds nawr. Dw i'n cyd-ysgrifennodd hwn gyda Sian Harries a Tudur Owen ond - achos dw i'n dysgwr - Dw i ddim yn mynd i gwrandewch yr Radio Clonc yn fyw - ond, dw i'n mynd yn fwrandewch yn BBC Sounds gyda "0.5 Speed" - Mae'n game changer. 

Radio Clonc series 2 is on BBC Sounds now. I co-write the show with Sian Harries and Tudur Owen but, because I'm a Welsh learner, I'm not going to listen live, but on BBC Sounds at "0.5 speed". It's a game changer.

For more information on Radio Clonc check out the video below or this article.

Staying in Wales, I've been working as script editor on Lady Bigfoot, a short film for BBC One Wales, written by and starring stand-up star Anna Thomas, directed by Ryan Andrew Hooper and produced by Beastly Media. It is now available on BBC iPlayer.

I've also been appearing on a couple of podcasts - I got to host the "Best bits from Wales" edition of Meet Me At The Museum, I spoke at length about Hattie Jacques and John Le Mesurier to a VERY patient Grainne and Chantal on The Way They Were and I was interviewed about 1920s radio pioneer and all-round eccentric Major Arthur Corbett-Smith on two episodes of Paul Kerensa's incredible British Broadcasting Century (61 and 68).

The Xennial Dome's Little Dome - Having recorded live editions of The Xennial Dome podcast at Machynlleth Comedy Festival and the London Welsh Centre, Esyllt Sears and I are planing to bring a live edition of our mini-podcast, The Xennial Dome's Little Dome, to the Aberystwyth Comedy Festival in October.

In these 20 minute Little Dome episodes, we cover the month in "Xennial history" - which we're defining as any period after January 1977. So far we've spent time discussing everything from Voyager II (July 1979) to the death of Teletext (June 2009) and an awful lot in between. In the live edition, we'll record two episodes - recapping October 1997 and 2011. Tickets are available on the Aberystwyth Comedy Festival website and the show is currently available in the
player at the bottom of this page or wherever you get your podcasts.

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